On the Anniversary of the 19th Amendment & Women’s Equality Day

Via Press Telegram: "There is nothing more valuable in US citizenship than the vote.  I have spent over 40 years studying how precious and hard won the vote was for women.  These days, we see on the evening news that the vote is so powerful, political people want to control its access and calculation.  It may just look like an X in a circle or a punched hole in a card when, in fact, it is our currency for full participation and I am really, really miserly with mine.  

The Mayoral race in Long Beach is a tight one.  It will define the face of our city, the agenda for the council, and dozens of relationships; from the port to DC, the police to the unions, the chamber of commerce to the prioritization of human services.  Lots of people will address those topics over the coming weeks.  My #1 concern today and, most days, is women (amongst others)."

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