Breaking Barriers

Rex Richardson grew up a free lunch kid in a working-class family. He attended a number of public schools, from Missouri to Alabama, before settling in California as a teenager. A turning point in Rex’s life was the moment he received his college acceptance letter. He knew that he was given a chance to succeed and believes everyone, no matter where they come from, deserves an opportunity. 

After serving as student body president at California State University - Dominguez Hills, Rex became a community organizer with SEIU Local 721 in South Los Angeles County, and later joined the City of Long Beach as Chief of Staff to Long Beach’s 9th Council District. 

In 2014, Rex Richardson became the youngest person ever elected to the Long Beach City Council. He currently serves as the city’s Vice Mayor, also the youngest in Long Beach history. 

He lives in North Long Beach with his wife, Nina, and their young daughters Alina and Mila.


A Track Record of Change

Over the past four years, as 9th District Councilmember and now Vice Mayor, Rex Richardson worked to change the culture of city hall to be smarter, more inclusive, and more responsive to the needs of our neighborhoods, businesses, and Long Beach’s working families.

His track record since joining the Long Beach City Council includes:

• Championing the creation of the city’s Office of Equity to ensure every Long Beach neighborhood is treated fairly with opportunities and tools to thrive, ensuring city dollars reach every neighborhood.

• Creating  the Promising Adults Tomorrow’s Hope (PATH) program which givies second chances to at-risk youth, and the My Brother’s Keeper Local Action Plan to improve the life outcomes for youth, especially boys and young men of color.

• Protecting and restoring vital public safety services with the restoration of Paramedic Rescue 12 and other key public safety resources, ensuring better response times in North Long Beach and across the city.

• Transforming our neighborhoods, with miles of new protected bike lanes, new murals across the corridors, new development on the horizon, and the new state-of-the-art Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library, delivered on time and under budget.

• Launching Participatory Budgeting in Long Beach, the first of its kind in Southern California, where residents are empowered to submit and vote for neighborhood project proposals, ensuring every neighborhood is treated fairly and has a seat at the table.